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Elevate your dressing area with the Milan Dresser Mirror, a meticulously crafted design that not only adds a touch of sophistication to your space but also serves as a functional piece of art. This mirror is designed to be both an attachment to your Milan dresser and a showpiece in its own right.


  • The Milan Dresser Mirror is expertly crafted from high-quality messmate timber, known for its rich and distinctive grain patterns.
  • A bevelled edge on the timber frame adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the mirror's design.
  • While serving its primary function, the Milan Dresser Mirror also stands out as a captivating standalone showpiece.
  • For your convenience, all the necessary hardware is supplied when you choose to attach this mirror to our Milan dresser. 

Dimensions: 103cm L x 88cm W

*Dresser sold separately

Due to the characteristics of natural timber, each piece from this range will be slightly different to the example photos. It is these natural variations in the timber that make each piece so unique and special. We are sure the natural beauty of this product will make a stunning addition to your space.