Glenelg Sideboard - Mango Wood w/ Black Finish


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The Glenelg Sideboard is a striking piece of furniture crafted from mango wood and finished in a sleek black finish. This sideboard combines the natural beauty and durability of mango wood with a contemporary black finish, resulting in a sophisticated and versatile piece that can enhance the aesthetics of various living spaces. With its ample storage space and elegant design, the Glenelg Sideboard is not only a functional storage solution but also a stylish addition to your home decor.



  • Four Cupboard Doors: This sideboard is equipped with four cupboard doors, each featuring sleek wooden black door pulls. These doors not only enhance the sideboard's visual appeal but also provide easy access to its storage compartments.
  • Ample Storage Space: With its spacious interior, the Glenelg Sideboard offers ample storage space. 
  • Mango Wood Construction: The sideboard is constructed from mango wood, a material known for its natural beauty and durability. This wood choice not only adds a touch of rustic charm but also ensures the piece's longevity.
  • Contemporary Black Finish: The sideboard features a contemporary black finish that complements the mango wood beautifully. This combination of materials and finish creates a harmonious blend of natural and modern elements, making it a versatile addition to different interior styles.
  • Easy Assembly


Dimensions: 200cm L x 40cm D x 85cm H

Also Available in Oak Wood